School Information

Office Hours

Our  school office is staffed by Mrs Glenda Ryan who is at school Monday to Thursday 8am – 12:30pm. We can also be contacted via email and the HERO App on your mobile phone. Messages may be left on the answer machine after hours.

Children are allowed to come onto school grounds from 8.30am.

Children are not encouraged to be on the school grounds after 3.30pm as staff cannot be responsible for them and this is important planning time for teaching staff.


The school must be notified by 9:15am if your child is going to be absent.  This way we know that nothing dangerous has happened to your child.  If you have not contacted us by 9.30 a.m. we will contact you. We prefer if you notify us of absence through the HERO app. You are also welcome to email notice through to the office at or alternatively, the school has an answer phone to leave a message. We have this system in place in the interest of your child’s safety and security. Please contact the school if there is a change in the normal travel routines for your child.  If you intend to take your child away during school time please inform the school office and your child’s teacher.

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are collected on behalf of the Bishop of Christchurch, i.e. the Proprietor of the school.

The charging of Attendance Dues is authorised under the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act (1975) and are used to pay for costs associated with the land and buildings of the Catholic schools in the Diocese.

Where a parent has four or more children at a Catholic Primary school their attendance dues invoice will be for three children only, i.e. the fourth child, and any further children, will not be charged for attendance dues.  Accounts are sent out by the Parish, the school does not process these payments as they are handled by the parish on behalf of the Bishop's office.  Parents are strongly encouraged to set up an automatic  payment with their bank.

Assistance to pay the attendance dues is available if required, by contacting the parish office.


As the school is ineligible for the government donation scheme, the school separately asks for Voluntary Donations - $30 per term – This is voluntary and tax deductible.


Our Lady of the Snows has a successful Behaviour Management Programme, whereby children are encouraged to learn to be responsible for their own actions and behaviour and to respect their own property and that of others.

Parents are contacted if there are any serious matters of concern. We would encourage parents to contact the school if they have any concerns.

Extra school costs

Additional school activities may require money to be sent to school.

A notice will be sent home via HERO outlining details of the activities and the amount of money required. ALL money is to be handed into the school office, NOT the classroom teacher, or paid directly via internet banking.


Some possible activities are:

·       Dress up days - Fundraising

·       Swimming

·       Skiing

·       Class trips

·       School camps

·       Visits

·       Educational touring groups

·       Junior developmental

Lost Property

Please ensure that all clothing and property is clearly named. The school cannot accept responsibility for lost property but every effort will be made to locate lost items. Items not labelled or named are put in the “lost property” box located in the main office, and you are welcome to check through clothing found and not claimed. At the end of each term any unclaimed property is sent to the Red Cross Shop. Name all clothing!


Children are encouraged to have a healthy lunch. They will need to bring a piece of fruit for a “fruit break” at 11.50am, as well as sufficient food for morning tea and lunch.

A pie warmer is available for hot food such as a pie, toastie etc. Please make sure any food is wrapped in tin foil and named.


Lollies, Sports Drinks and Fizzy Drinks are not allowed.

Money, valuables and personal property

As teachers cannot be responsible for the custody of valuable articles, children are advised not to bring them to School. Toys are discouraged.

Earrings other than studs are not allowed, and watches are to be worn at “own risk”.

Programmes of Learning

Children received a balanced education in the following New Zealand curriculum areas:



Religious Education


Social Studies/Aotearoa NZ History

Health and PE

The Arts



Learning Languages

School  - Family Partnership:

We encourage Excellence in all aspects of your child's life and know that a partnership with families ensures the best outcomes.  We report regularly on progress and learning using a variety of methods. Our main form for home school communication is a learning profile application called Hero. Hero is available on iOS, Android and via web browsers for parents to register and keep up to date with notices and their children’s work throughout the year.

School Policies

Our Lady of the Snows uses School Docs as our policy and procedure system. Policies are monitored by SchoolDocs and updated, modified or created in response to changes in legislation, significant events, Ministry guidelines, reviews/requests from schools and regular reviewing from the SchoolDocs team. 

Each term there are policies and procedures for review. As a parent, we invite you to login and review these policies.

Username: ladysnow

Password: mercy


Stationery for the new school year will be distributed to each student at the beginning of the school year and charged to parent accounts. A list of miscellaneous items to be purchased  is available from the school office.

Complaints Procedure

No discussion on any complaints involving pupils or staff should take place in the presence or hearing of pupils.

If you have a complaint about a pupil or pupils, you should refer your complaint to your child’s classroom teacher. If the action or response does not satisfy your concern, please refer your complaint to the Principal.

In the event of a complaint about a teacher, you must first make an effort to discuss the problem with the teacher concerned before you approach the Principal.

Uniform Policy and Guidelines 

Parents at Our Lady of the Snows School like and request a uniform be worn. The Board of Trustees has approved a uniform policy with these expectations and guidelines. 

Children are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times and attention must be paid to cleanliness and neatness.



(rain jackets or coats may be worn to and from school and during break times in exceptionally cold weather but must be Black, blue or grey with no oversized logos)


(rain jackets or coats may be worn to and from school and during break times in exceptionally cold weather but must be Black, blue or grey with no oversized logos)



(rain jackets or coats may be worn to and from school and during break times in exceptionally cold weather but must be Black, blue or grey with no oversized logos)


(rain jackets or coats may be worn to and from school and during break times in exceptionally cold weather but must be Black, blue or grey with no oversized logos)

NB. No Sports shoes or skate shoes are to be worn except for designated sporting activities. Sports shoes or sports boots may be worn during break and lunch times but must be changed before class resumes.

Sports Uniform:

Boys and Girls:


Boys and Girls:

School shirts, hats, and the school jacket are available to order through the school office. 

Other uniform items are available from Mainland Uniforms in Christchurch. Our school page can be accessed here:

The school also has a stock of quality second hand uniform items for sale at the school office.